Sarah Sanders warns Biden would be a ‘dangerous’ president. He’s not a moderate, he’s far left.

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“They didn’t want Joe Biden, they settled for Joe Biden” Former White House press secretary and Fox News contributor Sarah Sanders says Democrats have ‘settled’ for Joe Biden while President Trump maintains high levels of enthusiasm.
David Stiles
Biden’s policy decision making…”I’m gonna do what that other guy did. President $%#@&*, mmm my boss, er, eh, O’Biden/Bama times.”
Tom Ives
Dangerously incompetent
Daren S
Backgammon Gore
The man is so feeble! He couldn’t even reach out and shut his door. His skin is transparent. I understand he has had two brain surgeries. That is dangerous.
Maine Mermaid
I ❤ Sarah! KAG 2020! 🇺🇸
Tom Thumb
Hillary has eye’s for Alzheimer Joe’s V.P. spot. Once Alzheimer Joe swears into office, Hillary will pull the 25th amendment on him.
Mike M
Biden would be a talking head. the deep state running everything would be the danger.
Archie Bald
If Joe “I don’t work for you” Biden were to win presidency, the money laundering and self enrichment would be off the charts.
Kevin Karbonik
Hmmm….. Hillary pops in as his VP running mate, as soon as Biden takes office if he wins he is declared “unfit” for office and Hillary is POTUS.