The Truth About Juneteenth and the Democrats Strategy.

The Ingenious TRICK of Juneteenth

Hey guys! I’m traveling today, so for this episode I wanted to share a reaction I did last year when the U.S. Government first declared Juneteenth a federal holiday.

Is Juneteenth making tangible change for the black community, or is it just another way for the establishment to promote racial division, social justice, and their narratives of systemic racism and America being founded on slavery? Here are my thoughts—let me know yours in the comments below!

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Everybody’s been talking about it so I’m Here today amla binobi with prager University to give you my take on Juneteenth and just to preface this it’s Not going to be anything radical I’m not Coming at your throats I’m not going to Be angry about anything that’s going on Right now because I don’t think it Deserves that sort of energy and I’ve Seen a lot of people on both sides of The aisle going back

and forth being Very angry about what’s happening right Now with juneteenth and people on the Left defending it and blah blah blah Blah I just want to state the case Because I think there’s a narrative that We are not seeing here when it comes to Juneteenth the the now federally Recognized holiday in america and I do Have notes here because of course I want To get this right this

is a sticky Subject to step in and you kind of feel Like you have to walk on eggshells when You’re talking about this funny enough I’m going to talk about why you feel the Need to walk on exhales when we come on This it is a very ingenious trick Specifically made by the radical left to Make it so that you cannot possibly Oppose something like juneteenth so let Me give you the perspective here if You’re not familiar with what juneteenth Is a

federally recognized holiday that Celebrates the emancipation of slavery Kind of not quite it celebrates the Emancipation of slaves in galveston Texas and the announcement of which it Was made in that state to emancipate Slaves great good love it a disclaimer Nobody is against the emancipation of Slaves I can’t find a single person who Would tell you any

differently than what I just told you nobody is against the Emancipation of slaves that is a great Wonderful thing as a black american I Really do appreciate that that happened But what is happening right now is that Juneteenth is being pushed as this major Narrative and it is being pushed I’m Sure you’re seeing it everywhere if you If you are

hearing me talk about this For the first time I am baffled but Juneteenth is being pushed because it Perpetuates the very same narrative of Things like critical race theory here in America and what is that narrative the Narrative is that black americans are Oppressed and that white americans are The oppressors So black great we need to help them they Are victims white bad colonizers they Are the ones who have been doing the Oppressing they are the ones who have

Enslaved us and juneteenth is an avenue Of which we push that narrative and I’m Just going to refer back to my notes Here so If you don’t see how this is so Ingenious let me tell you how it’s Ingenious because if you come out and You say you know what I’m feeling kind Of fishy about this whole juneteenth Thing you look like a bigot because who Could possibly oppose a holiday that Celebrates the emancipation of slavery And again I will say I’m not against the Emancipation of slavery obviously in any Way shape or form but the left has set It up to where you come out and you say You know what I don’t think juneteenth Should maybe be a federal holiday and You look like a bigot who is

Discriminating against people so why is Juneteenth or the premise of celebrating The emancipation of slavery a problem Again it’s because we push this Narrative that white is bad they’re Oppressive and black people are victims And I want to just ask you guys the Questions today what what do you think Of when you think of black americans and The left will tell you I think victim I Think slavery I think unequal I think Oppressed and me as a conservative I Will tell you I don’t think of anything Because I don’t attribute Characteristics to a person based off of Their skin color I would never do such a Thing black americans are all different We are all diverse we all have different Values we all have

different feelings we All have Differences in our lives and what Juneteenth aims to do as a federal Holiday is to ascribe characteristics to People based on race it perpetuates the Narrative that black people in this Country are oppressed and that we still Have systems that are systemically Racist and that are founded on white Supremacy in this country which is Absolutely not true we are not held back In any way shape or form and you have to Beg the question What has juneteenth accomplished for Anybody now that it’s a federal holiday You get a day off of work well this year It’s a saturday maybe next year you get A day off of work but what does it Really do what has it accomplished for The black

community in particular Because this is supposed to be a Celebration specifically for the black Community Nothing it accomplishes nothing so you Have the establishment politicians who Push this through to you and they go Here you guys go here’s here’s Juneteenth we are so progressive we have Made so much progress in america and Then they turn a blind eye to all the Other problems that the black community Is facing but now you get to look and You get to see on instagram that Everybody’s celebrating juneteenth and You get to celebrate wow great while all These other problems keep continuing to Happen black communities are devastated Here in america look at the drugs look At the gun violence look at the the gang Violence look at the illiteracy rate Here in america with black americans yet You got

juneteenth so that must have Saved it right that must have fixed Everything it is a metaphorical band-aid It is a federal virtue signal that Absolutely does nothing But separate us and racially divide us Over and over and over and over again it Is no wonder that we’ve been hearing About race All through the news all through social Media and now we get to hear about it Every single year on june 19th and you Know what I’m I’m not excited about it And again it is not because I somehow Oppose the emancipation of slaves nobody Opposes that but Think about think about slavery Now every single nation every single Ethnic group has experience to slavery There are people still today Experiencing

slavery look at africa if You were truly against slavery this this Holiday would have nothing to do with America yet is it is specifically Subscribed to americans and it is Because the left views america our Governance our institutions our systems As inherently racist and founded in White supremacy and when you believe That what what is the fix What do you do when all of your Institutions are shrouded in this evil Ideology you have to take down all the Institutions and you have to take down All the systems and juneteenth although Sounding great on paper and in theory Sounding amazing is just a way to get Americans to acknowledge that our Systems

and our institutions are founded On the backs of slavery on the backs of White supremacy and on the backs of some Sort of colonial narrative and that is Not true at all and it will make our Country fall apart so again the Emancipation of slavery is a fantastic Thing but now we have gotten juneteenth Born out of that a holiday that will do Nothing for black america it will do Nothing to to fix the racial divide that We are currently experiencing right now And only serves to perpetuate a Narrative that pits us against each Other and makes us subscribe Characteristics to the people we see Based on their color That is all I have to say about it so When you think about june 19th think About whether or not you’re celebrating Juneteenth think about whether or not You’re celebrating something good or if You’ve been tricked by the establishment Into now admitting that america is a White

supremacist colonialist country Which we are not thank you that’s all I Have to say think about it marinate on It and see how you feel about june 19th