Why does WordPress CEO say GoDaddy is a parasitic threat?

Why did the creator and CEO of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg call GoDaddy a parasitic company and a threat to the future of WordPress? 

Opinion from Valoneria is that “Matt Mullenweg and his company contributes a lot of time and money on developing WordPress, and to keep it OpenSource. GoDaddy is pretty much just riding the popularity of WordPress to line their own pockets with money, without contributing anything to WordPress itself.

Essentially, Mullenweg is just saying that GoDaddy only spends money on themselves, and not the most dominant platform on their hosting platform, and he calls this a parasitic behaviour. Other hosts, like Bluehosts, have or are actively contributing to the OpenSource aspect of WordPress.”

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Why did WordPress call GoDaddy parasitic company threat to the future of WordPress headquarters