Mexico is Trying To Extort Billions from the United States. Here’s What I Would Do.

El Presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador has demanded 20 billion dollars per year from the United States or else “the flow of migrants will continue”. As if that wasn’t outrageous enough, he is also demanding we grant full legal status to all Mexican illegal immigrants who are already in the United States, we make it easier for Mexicans to gain citizenship and that we lift all sanctions and embargos on Cuba and Venezuela.

How can anyone be surprised at the total lack of respect for our current president and our current government. It wouldn’t surprise me if Biden was already preparing a big crate full of cash to deliver over the border.

Here’s my idea. Instead of Acquiescing to Mexico’s extortion tactics, we turn the tables on them.

One of the largest source of revenue for the Mexican economy is the constant flow of cash Mexicans send across the border, back into Mexico. I believe last year it totaled over 55 billion. Congress should immediatly enact a 20% tax on all wire transfers from the US to Mexico and all of Latin America. This money can be used to fortify our border security and will deter some illegals from even coming here.

Charging a toll of $3.00 per axel for anyone driving crossing the US – Mexico border will further generate more money that can be used to protect our border.

Democrats have driven so many automobile manufacturing out of the US and into Mexico, a hefty tarrif on those vehicles being shipped into the US along with reducing taxes on vehicles made in America will encourage these businesses to leave foreign soil and come back home.

We could also inform El Presidenté that we are considering the idea of fining Mexico $100,000 each time we catch someone bringing fentanyl over our border and and billing them for the free medical, food stamps, welfare, etc. his people enjoy when they come to our country.

Then, once our wall is complete, drones, heat sensing triggers and border patrol are active, all of the illegals from all over the world that Mexico allows in, and then ships to our border can just pile up there, on the Mexico side of the wall. Then, instead of demanding extortion money from us, El Mexican Presidenté can come to us, hat in had, and ask us for humanitarian aid… Which we will give, because we are generous (to a fault) with some of OUR own conditions added on, of course.

But of course, this is just my opinion and I’m no politician. I’m sure they will come up with a much more complicated and expensive plan.

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