Does Joe Biden EVER tell the truth? Compilation of lies throughout his career. VIDEO

Well, two and a bit years in are the lies of Joe Biden finally starting to catch up with him.
With the american economy cratering energy prices at record highs watch out australia were next and no one believing that any of this is
really simply the fault of vladimir
putin or donald trump or racism or
climate change or whatever the current
thing is this week, maybe monkey pox.
People are starting to look at the man
who is sorry let me try this with a straight
face the man who is in charge of the oval office um that is to say joe biden and indeed the entire intellectually bankrupt so-called elite leadership class that are propping him up here’s an example of this now the other day joe biden wrote or signed off on or was told about after his nap an opinion piece appearing under his name in the wall street journal and in
it he wrote these words quote
a dozen ceos of america’s largest
utility companies told me earlier this
year that my plan would reduce the
average family’s annual utility bills by
500 and accelerate our transition from
energy produced by autocrats
well not so fast
even the washington post
which until very recently has been the
modern day corporate pravda of the biden
administration found this to be too much
their fact-checker the reliably
left-biased glenn kessler awarded
biden’s claims four pinocchios
pointing out that there was no reference
to the savings in the transcript of the
meeting with the utility executives nor
in the readout either and that in fact
most of the cost reductions he’s
referring to come from the reduced cost
of driving and are expected to kick in
around 20 30 when biden will be out of
office and will probably not be allowed
to drive anymore anyway
anyway in the meantime though high
energy prices are actually a feature not
a bug for joe biden than democrats have
a look at this
when it comes to the gas crisis
uh we’re going through an incredible
that is taking place that god willing
when it’s over we’ll be stronger and the
world will be stronger and less relying
on fossil fuels
when this is over
this is going to be a hall this is going
to take some time
yeah it’ll be a whole all right but
anyway if he’s not lying about big
things joe biden is lying about small
things and again
the lies are starting to catch up with
have a listen to joe biden addressing
the u.s naval academy graduation
recently where he made a pretty big
i was appointed to the academy
in 1965.
really mr president you were appointed
to the prestigious u.s naval academy at
annapolis in 1960
great except there’s no record that
anyone could find of this thus far uh
joe biden’s 2008 autobiography called
promises to keep there’s a title right
out of orwell does not mention the naval
academy others have pointed out that the
u.s military was heavily involved in the
vietnam war by the mid-1960s and had joe
biden attended the academy he would have
had to serve the navy upon graduation
great except that biden received five
student draft deferments during his four
years at the university of delaware and
subsequent three years at the syracuse
university college of law
now this created some awkward moments
for new white house flak karine john
who had to claim that she didn’t hear
joe biden’s statement
despite it being at the very top of the
president’s speech have a look
during his address at the naval academy
the president was born in 1942 graduated
from the university of delaware in 1965.
in his address he said he was appointed
to the naval academy in 1965.
was he
was it in 1965
it’s an eye player oh i did not hear
that part of the speech uh so i would
have to
okay i did i missed the writing about it
i know i hear you i hear you i have not
i need to read it myself and just go
back and and see what you’re talking
about exactly i can’t speak to it right
yeah she can’t she can’t she can’t speak
for it now i don’t know it’s all too
hard for her anyway
i don’t know what is scarier when biden
and his lackeys are lying or when they
are not now have a listen to joe biden’s
hand-picked treasury secretary
janet yellen admitting what everyone
else has known for months about
inflation after being questioned by of
all people cnn’s wolf blitzer
someone else who has never shied away
from carrying water for the body
is it a mistake madam secretary to
downplay this inflation risk did that
contribute to the problems we’re all
seeing right now
well um look i i think i was wrong then
the path that inflation
would take as i mentioned there have
been unanticipated
and large shocks to the economy that
have boosted
energy and food prices
i swear this administration is making
the gerontocracy of the old soviet union
look young and dynamic because you know
who could have foreseen the printing
trillions of dollars and shoving them
into the economy in the form of stimulus
might well reduce the purchasing power
of those very dollars
causing wild inflation yes
the country is in the very best of hands
and it’s so obvious now
that even cnn
and the washington post are taking

Is Joe Biden a pathological liar? Is he Senile? Does he have apple sauce for brains? 

It’s an interesting question.

One of the dumber aspects of the Trump presidency has been for the media, Democrats, and some Republicans to pretend D.C. was a bastion of truth-telling prior to the 2016 election. What that means is that when you get someone like Joe Biden opposite of Trump, there’s this automatic assumption made that he’s somehow more honest than the current President.

To be frank, there’s very little evidence of that. Biden has been lying his entire career and he’s hit a record pace lately. As my colleague Nick Arama laid out, Biden has been earning a ridiculous amount of Pinnocchios in the previous weeks.

The WaPo also dinged him for being misleading with a clip saying that the “American Dream is dead” but Trump continued to say he intended to “bring it back,” which the Biden folks clipped out.

The WaPo also gave the Biden campaign four Pinocchios for the claim by adviser Ron Klain that Trump was “silencing” Dr. Nancy Messonnier of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Biden has also made the claim that Trump “muzzled” scientists, even claiming Fauci was being silenced even as Fauci was giving briefings and speaking to media.

Jazz Shaw over at HotAir also points out some of Biden’s latest lies.

Ed Morrissey took note of the growing list of falsehoods earlier this week, but the volume of self-owns for Team Biden continues to grow. Biden collected three Pinocchios for his previous claim that Trump had “eliminated the White House pandemic office.”

Joe earned a “mostly false” rating for claiming that President Trump had “refused coronavirus testing kits from the World Health Organization.” He earned an additional four Pinocchios for the two campaign videos he released suggesting that Trump had called the virus “a hoax.” (That one still gets repeated on the air by liberals looking to undermine the President’s response to the virus.)

Biden repeated that last one recently, though he earned no push back from the “journalist” interviewing him. The former VP doesn’t just stick to marginal lies or spin either, he goes directly at major issues knowing that he’ll be shown to be fibbing.

But does he know? That’s a real question when you’ve got a guy who’s clearly losing his mental faculties. As I’ve documented here, here, and here (among many others), Biden’s inability to process his thoughts and his constant “gaffes” are apparent at this point. There have also been bouts of anger on the campaign trail in which he’s berated or even physically accosted Democrat primary voters.

These are the kinds of things someone wouldn’t do if they had the ability to understand what they were doing. Trump may be a brute at times, but you’ll never find him jabbing his finger in a voter’s chest and yelling at them.

All of these things raise serious questions about just how stable Biden is. If you’ve watched him lately, he looks like he’s about to fall over while just trying to do remote TV hits. This is not a guy who looks — or acts — like he’s all there. So while the constant lies are worthy of coverage — and every single one needs to be slammed — the reality of his condition may be much more serious than just a case of being a politician.

Biden’s health has to be vetted much, much harder than it currently has been. The media will continue to run interference for him, but he can’t hide forever.

This story by Bonchie for RedState

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