Is this the worst time in history to be a Caucasian male?

Here’s an interesting opinion from Kirk Wilson.

Oh I don’t know.

It was pretty hard being a Caucasian male during the time of the Romans. Oh it was great if you were Roman. However if you were from Britannia, Germania, Gaul, Spain, etc. you were in rough shape. Romans slaughtered millions from these places during their empire, and millions more were carted off into slavery, where most men ended up worked to death on plantations, mines or galleys. The “lucky” ones could become more of a house slave/servant type, which was far less physical labor, but slaves of all genders and ages were often raped or forced into sex work in one of the many brothels. You could also suffer at the whim of a crazed emperor, or the fetish of a rich, powerful senator or merchant… so pick your poison, I guess.

During the time of Muslim expansion (700 AD-1400-ish), it was pretty rough for many Caucasian men. Ironically, the Northern areas which had been oppressed by the Romans were better off, while those in the south, Sicily, Spain and the Balkans, were under Muslim rule and millions were enslaved during the process.

Genghis Khan and his Mongol armies did some pretty terrible damage to Eastern Europe. Huge numbers of Caucasian women were raped, and huge numbers of Caucasian men were killed…again, I guess pick your poison.

The Bubonic Plague (500–600 AD) and Black Death (1300s) did a pretty big number on Caucasian men in Europe.

The Barbary Slave Trade (1600s–1800s) resulted in estimated several million (actual numbers are unknown, but it was likely 1–5 million) Caucasians from all over the European continent taken as slaves by Arab slave traders, mostly based in North Africa.

World War 2 was pretty rough for Caucasians as well. Probably between 40–60 million Caucasians died in WW2, most of them being men.

I would say Caucasian men (and men of most races for that matter) are pretty well-off right about now when compared to the past 2,000 years.