What would happen if Donald Trump went to prison?

Here’s an interesting answer to a very sarcastic and smug question:

Here is an answer from Rachel Johanson.

Your question is insincere and furthermore preposterous. You obviously have an agenda or are completely deluded.

However I shall answer your question honestly. Of course this is just my opinion.

If the president of the United States of America were put in prison, I assume he would have a team of lawyers working on appeals around the clock. He would be in a federal prison and he would have the best guards protecting him. If our former president were killed in prison our country would be more of a laughing stock to the rest of the world then we would be by just having our former president in prison.

When not working on his legal case, I assume he would be writing his memoirs, corresponding with foreign or domestic leaders that were on his side. He would stay in touch with people that could assist him now or in the future.

Hopefully he would stay in shape, watch a little TV and read magazines and newspapers to keep up on current events. He would also most likely be fielding offers from people willing to pay him large amounts of money to speak at events once he gets out.

My assumption is that he would have as many visitors as allowed and would often meet with his attorneys.

I also assume it would cost a lot of money to imprison and incarcerate a former president of the United States of America and his stay would most likely be short.

The fact that he’s in prison would not prevent him from continuing to maintain and manage his private businesses and public charities, albeit from within his cell.

Again, this is all just conjecture on my part and speculation at best as our 45th president, Donald Trump has not done anything that would warrant incarceration.

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