What are your thoughts on regulating ammunition?

When it was originally proposed, they told voters that you’d just have to swipe your drivers license at the point of sale when you bought ammo, which didn’t seem like too much of an inconvenience. But they lied about that.

The new law requires all ammo sales to go through a background check. You also have to pay a background check fee, an additional tax, and you have to have a federally approved drivers license or a state drivers license plus a passport or a birth certificate just to buy ammo. And all your purchases are logged to a central database.

It gets better. You can only buy ammo for a firearm that you have registered in the state. You can’t buy any ammo for any firearm that the state doesn’t have in their registry. This is because the courts have ruled that you can’t force people to register their firearms. This way, politicians can ensure that either you registered your scary black rifle by the deadline last year, or you can’t buy any ammo for it.

Wait, there’s still more! When you buy ammo, and you fill out the forms, and pay the taxes and fees, and do another background check, that only the guy at the gun counter can sell you, they will give you a quiz based on the information you provided when you registered a previous weapon, like your home address at the time or something else.

Democrats think this is reasonable, but showing any form of ID to vote is ‘racist’. Are you kidding me?

What is the point of having a background check for ammo, if you’ve already passed a background check to purchase the gun?

“But this might reduce gun violence” they say. No it won’t. Not one bit. 80% of firearm homicides are committed by gang members with guns purchased on the black market. After they use a gun, they toss it down a sewer. They may buy one or two boxes of ammo for a gun and that’s it. They get the ammo with the gun they buy on the black market. If they need more, they just bring back a few boxes on their next trip to Vegas. People who shoot recreationally go through boxes of ammo in a single weekend. They will be the most affected.

“But this might reduce mass shootings.” Nope. California has every gun control law that has been proposed. All of them. And they’ve had 2 mass shootings in the past few months. Every time there is a shooting, democrats say “we need more gun control”. California has all the gun control, and there are still homicides and shootings. Clearly, gun control is not the answer.

This is clearly designed to harass lawful gun owners exercising their fundamental rights. It is not meant to reduce mass shootings or gang violence.


– Ash Williams “I’m not a gun nut, I’m a freedom enthusiast” lived in California (1988-2014) Small-arms expert, fired around a half-million rounds over 30 years.