Electromagnetic Pulse Danger to America from Iran. North Korea launches missile

This is a real threat, and in fact it may be our greatest threat. Iran has already launched short range missiles from cargo ships in the Caspian Sea, so what is to prevent them from launching nuclear armed missiles over the United States from cargo ships off of our shores? The answer is nothing, once they obtain nuclear warheads that is. If we do not take this threat seriously like Newt Gingrich suggests, then we will wake up one morning regretting that we did nothing. All that you have to do is think about how dependent we are on electricity and computers. Without them millions of Americans would soon die of starvation or from the cold, depending on the time of year the attack took place. The time to act is yesterday. We should have shot North Korea’s missile out of the sky, which would have sent a clear message that we are not going to allow them to threaten the security of the world. By not acting we have sent just the opposite massage that we will do nothing, and that they are free to go forward with their projects that will some day lead to the destruction of the United States, which is of course the final goal. jbranstetter04 I talked a little bit about what EMP is. It produces a large number of Compton electrons above our atmosphere which are trapped by the magnetic fields around the Earth. They move at the speed of light. The prompt effects are such that if the voltage is high enough, all electronic equipment within line of sight is damaged or destroyed. These are