Death From Cocaine or Cops Tasar?

A man steals trash truck, leads police on 50 mile chase where he finally crashes. Then he is tased who knows how many times by how many cops for who knows how long, and dies minutes later. The Coroner said death was from Cocaine. I say BS it was yet another cop electrocuting a suspect to death by holding trigger of tasar until heart stops. The Coroner works for the county, the sheriffs involved work for the county. A wrongfull death couldcost cops their job and the county alot of money in wrongfull death lawsuit. Yet another judge and jury fitting neatly in a holster for an on site execution. Could it be revenge for having escaped the Pit Maneuver with giant trash truck? Yes, every cop now carrys the portable Electric chair at his side and he will decide your fate even when you are unarmed.