Death at the hands of Iraq’s islamohet supremacists

UPDATE: Jan 2009 It has been reported that the Ali in this video has been murdered by the Iraqi government, along with others like her and gay men. January 2008 post by Ali This is Ali, an Iraqi M2F transgendered person, in the hands of the Iraqi pigs over a period of 2-3 days (note the beard growth between the beginning and end). No one has heard of her since this video was taken in December 2007. She could be dead. She is being tortured if she is still alive. They like to torture you before they murder you for another backward, barbaric, stupid bunch of religious lies and bullshit. This is what the backward, barbaric, stupid religious liar named The Wuss has murdered a million Iraqi civilians to protect. Fuck George W. ("The Wuss" – his daddy used up "The Wimp") Bush. No comments will be allowed on this one, and if you don't like that, fuck you too, hillbilly. Update? This comment has been posted to this video, however the person who made this video available to the world is Ali, the name of the M2F person in the video is not known to us. So, we cannot confirm or disprove the comment. It certainly makes sense and follows the usual course of events. "Ali the Iraqi M2F was beheaded in 2008 along with two other M2F people. Since today is Transgender Remembrance Day in most places I thought you may wish to know and update the info in the video.."