Councilor questions arresting protesters for mere presence on jail land

Sponsor: – Keene, New Hampshire politician leans in favor of the right to be outside a controversial new jail. Even if you *are* holding signs and singing (gasp). Updated info It looks like some of the protesters were told to leave before arrest, others were not….and some were just arriving by car….So a question would be: were any of these last, uber-innocents arrested? How you can buy an ad Images and/or info from Images and/or info from keene new hampshire jail ron paul cheshire county ridleyreport richard van wickler new hampshire charles redfern free state project nh dave ridley report police abuse cops staters demonstrators protesters protests liberty mass arrests live free or die civil disobedience libertarian arresting. ron paul free state project cheshire jail keene new hampshire mass arrests civil disobedience demosntrators arrested