Alex Jones Show – May 29 2011 – Jerome Corsi, Obama Birth Certificate, TSA, Texas Capitol

On this encore presentation of the Alex Jones Show on the Memorial Day weekend, author Jerome Corsi talks with Alex about the Obama birth certificate and evidence that the latest document is a fraud. The rest of the Sunday show is dedicated to the past week’s coverage of the rally at the Texas capitol after lawmakers backed down following a threat by the federal government to shut down air travel in the state following an effort to enact a law preventing the TSA from groping travelers. ___________________________________________________ http ___________________________________________________ Alex jones authorizes the use and distribution of his materials for non-profit, educational purposes. Keywords The Alex Jones Show Infowars Prison Planet PrisonPlanet Jerome Corsi Obama Birth Certificate Fraud TSA Texas capitol Air Travel Illuminati Conspiracy Dallas Austin Houston Fort truth bush government “Glenn Beck” trunews riot global shutdown grope gate rape molest molestation airport flight landing takeoff travel liar h1n1 police state david martial deception boeing airplane simulator death to the new world order