NH: Jailed videographer recounts detention 2/2

Sponsor: NHLibertyEssay.com – A detailed acount of my experience after openly violating Keene District Court’s camera ban. This vid was first produced in early 2009. To buy …an ad like the one in this vid….email me RidleyReport at live…. period com. Ad rate details: nhunderground.com RidleyReport name of advertiser dave ridley report ron paul nh free state project libertarian new hampshire liberty forum john stossel second american revolution tyrrany thomas jefferson secession bureaucrat thugs states’ rights states us constitution porcupine porcupines amendment anarchist v for vendetta anarchism anarchy opppose stop new world order first amendment nonviolent non cooperation public defender defense attorney attornies outlaw puppeteering silly laws martin luther king mahatma gandhi rosa parks tibet russell kanning prison courtroom drama sentence law and order henry david thoreau david nwo politics rebellion political summons hearing arraignment sentence fine mall cop taser tazer don’t taze me cameras in the courtroom campaign for liberty dollar resistance protest demonstration demonstrators civil war opponents protesters alex jones civil disobedience / jail / court bro dont war on drugs freedom of the press barry cooper prison jail intimidation amnesty international kop busters blue light gang human rights watch ron paul new hampshire cameras in the courtroom keene free state project first amendment free speech crime department community service prosecutor outlaw