World Trade Center Disaster Fresh Kills Forensic Site 25 January 2002

Fresh Kills landfill was used for forensic investigation of the debris from World Trade Center barged from Manhattan to Staten Island. Air space over the WTC site and Fresh Kills was banned from the time of the disaster to the day Cryptome arranged a chopper flight. The timing was accidental: a call was made to the chopper firm to find out when the ban would be lifted, and was told it had just happened. It was very cold on the flight with a door open for photography, the photog leaning out of the craft as it banked and circled the site. The tour began at the westside Manhattan heliport, flew south over the Hudson River, passing the debris barge loading pier and the WTC site, then by Governor’s Island, over a ship loading metal WTC debris in Upper New York Harbor, then over Staten Island to the Fresh Kills landfill for several circuits over the forensic site.