Willie: Authorities destroyed 9/11 evidence to hide truth #2

www.infowars.com http RELATED: SEE MORE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO WITH WILLIE AND JESSE www.infowars.com IN AN EXCLUSIVE interview with Willie Nelson on his world famous tour bus, former Gov. Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones discuss turns to a number of topics including the family farm, the banker’s consolidation, and the 2008 election. But much of the conversation focuses on the lingering questions about 9/11– still unanswered, in part, due to a government that refuses to answer and a public that is unwilling to question. Wearing a trucker hat that appropriately reads, ‘Follow no one,’ Nelson says that for himself, it was never a question after seeing the buildings collapse on 9/11. “It’s not a clear cut situation; never was to me,” Willie commented about 9/11. But, “Is there a reason to investigate?” he said. “Hell yeah.” He humbly proclaimed, “Those buildings were blown up internally; I’m not a smart guy, but I can see that.” But his point is valid in spite of his obvious intelligence– it doesn’t take anything greater than common sense to see that the story doesn’t add up. On the otherhand, that same analysis manages to (necessarily) hold up to scientific scrutiny– so long as the scientists aren’t investigating on behalf of government agencies. The work of qualified professionals like Richard Gage, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and many others who have investigated 9/11 from a technical point of view have been ignored by the media, and instead run out of their various positions via