WikiLeaks Smear Campaign in Full Swing?

Julian Assange – the founder of the website WikiLeaks – is alleging that a smear campaign is in full effect against him. Over the weekend, Swedish police issued an arrest warrant for Assange after two women came into the police station together to file two separate incidents of sexual assault. However, the next day the charges were dropped. This is an extremely suspicious incident, considering its timing. Just weeks earlier Assange’s website WikiLeaks infuriated the most powerful military/intelligence organization in the world (the USA) by leaking thousands of documents about Afghanistan. It seems the military industrial complex may be trying to discredit Assange as he prepares to release thousands more documents in the coming weeks. Read the story, the latest information on the sexual assault allegations: Assange suspects a conspiracy: Join The Daily Conversation on Facebook Follow our Tweets for new videos Background image is from Flickr’s creative commons archive and can be found here: The photo is used under permission of the Flickr creative commons license and fair use.