Why is Hong Kong banning people from wearing masks? Do you think the penalty of 1 year in prison is too extreme?


Masks-wearing started in around 2003, during the SARS outbreak, for the prevention of infection by respiratory droplets. Then we have the H5N1 bird flu so the masks stayed on.

After a while we got used to it. It became the norm.

From 2003 onward, schools (including kindergartens) made mask-wearing compulsory if the child has the symptom of coughing. I think many schools are still doing this.

Now we have found the mask to be useful in daily lives. For example, people wear masks to minimise breathing in potentially toxic particles/fumes from the chemicals they are exposed to at work such as manicurists, hair technicians, carpenters, etc. (I wear a mask when I do house-cleaning.) People also wear masks to reduce the impact of smog on their health. And it is comforting to see people who prepare food in fast food shops wear masks. Sometimes it is mandatory to wear a mask in some clinics and hospitals.

The mask can also be a fashion item (for the children, or those who are child-like). We have cartoon masks and masks that have designs. I once have a mask that can also be used as a hair band when I didn’t want my face covered.

I always have a disposable mask or two with me when I’m flying. You never knew whether someone close by would suddenly be seized with convulsive coughing.

People hiding behind a mask and commit horrible acts because they cannot be traced. People break the law mostly because they think they can get away from it. Will the law stop the riots? No. But it can deter those coming out for fun, those looking for looting opportunities, and also allow the possibility for police to arrest identify and arrest people afterward. The law allows police to stop and search those going to and coming back from riots.

The riot has got to stop at all costs. One year imprisonment is NOT enough if the mask wearing coupled with hideous crime as an added on.

Those complain HK for effecting the anti-mask laws are mostly hypocrites. Similar law exists in USA and UK. Why don’t they go complain there too? One year is really nothing comparing to the crime they commit under the mask. You can identify those without mask, but not those with mask.