Why does the news keep saying black people hate Trump?

I’m white. Perhaps, and I’m only considering the possibility; black people in the United States may have experiences that I (and you, if you’re also white) have not had.

Maybe, they are better capable of determining if things are getting better or worse for them.

I speak with many people who are non white and tbh, they, for the most part, are very enthusiastic about the changes they see happening.

The news would have me believe that all women, blacks, mexicans and other countries hate Trump. From my own observations and conversations it’s the exact opposite.

As long as I’ve been alive, it’s straight white people explaining how gay people are suffering. It’s christians describing how non believers are sad and confused and now, It’s a bit funny actually, how white people keep screaming about how upset black people are about this president.

Reporters recently went into the streets of Baltimore. You know what they found? These black people in Baltimore supported Trump. They were happy he was bringing light to the problems their own liberal politicians were ignoring, or worse, exacerbating!

For 23 years Elijah Cummings has been the Representative from Maryland in the U.S. House and before that he served 14 terms in the Maryland House of Delegates. In all that time what has he done to help Maryland? You’re as likely to get murdered in his district as you are in Honduras. (yeah, the place people have been fleeing from to get to America)

It seems to me, the majority of the time that I hear about what’s best for the black community, it’s not from the voice of the black community, it’s from the mouths of white reporters, pundits and politicians.

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