Why are the Democrats introducing a bill that allows victims of shooting events to sue the gun industry?

The only possible purpose of this law is to destroy the firearms industry. By imposing third-party liability for lawfully manufactured, lawfully sold products later used in crimes outside the manufacturers’ control, this law would make it economically suicidal to stay in the firearms business. That isn’t feeling, that is fact.

How I feel about it: Democrats have written off the votes of everyone who owns guns, everyone who cares about or is defended by someone who owns guns, and everyone who wants to keep the option of owning guns in the future. Any such person who votes for any Democrat is a fool. Any such person who fails to vote against any Democrat is a fool.

This commentary by Matthew Park Moore who has been an NRA instructor for 10 years and has owned guns for almost 4 decades. matthew.park.moore@gmail.com

California bill would have citizens enforce weapons ban | National |  bgdailynews.com

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