When the People Fight Back

Executive Summary – First we have a video of a soccer game, not in USA. A guy runs across the field. Ok so they should take him into custody, throw him out of stadium, bar him from returning or maybe write him a citation for this event. What the security forces did was tackle him and then when he was pinned down they started to hit him in the head with their clubs. Watch the one on his right nearest the head. The fans ran out of the stands and began to beat the police. The police ran. One was left behind and got quite a beating from the angry crowd. I expect he was the one clubbing the guy in the head.

Police Brutalizing Captured Suspect – The next video shows the police chasing a stolen car suspect. The suspect eventually abandons the car and runs on foot. He eventually realizes he is going to be caught so he lies down on the ground spread-eagled showing he has no weapons in his hand etc. The first officer on the scene runs over to him on the ground and kicks the suspect strongly in the head. Yes and he gets captured on film by the helicopter crew. The inside facts are the police are sending a signal to the criminals to not resist or they will be brutalized. Imagine what they did to this kid in the squad car and in the police station. “Resistance is Futile”.

The point here is that when the police can violate the rights of the people when they have already submitted, they lose respect for the constitution, their badge and the people. It is one very short step until the police start stealing from the people. After that comes blackmail, extortion, rape and murder all behind the cover of the badge. America welcome to the third world it is just around the corner. In case you were wondering the police department justified the officers actions. Something about him being allowed to use distracting actions when apprehending and cuffing the suspect. See how bad it is getting. How bad will it be in three months?

Violence Against Police – A revolutionary writer once wrote some years ago that the revolution in the USA would start with people fed up with the government suddenly and unexpectedly unleashing violence against authority figures. A guy out of work, broke, having his car ready to be repossessed gets pulled over for expired license tags. The police can care less about his tales of woe and write him a ticket anyway. He goes crazy and attacks the police. What the writer described was a pressure cooker that the people just cannot take anymore. We are starting to see this now. Much of it will be twisted by the mainstream media so as to disguise what is happening. Here we describe two such events.

Lovelle Mixon in Oakland, Ca. – Mixon was a criminal. Remember 1 in 31 people in the USA are in the penal system. He was on probation. He kept showing up for meetings with his probation office, which the probation officer kept canceling. One time he does not go to the scheduled meeting and the probation officer issues a warrant for his arrest. Eventually he gets pulled over for some traffic infraction. Exploding at the insanity of the situation he is facing with the warrant for his arrest from not showing for a meeting he expected to be cancelled he decides to fight back. He brains with a pistol two cops who pull him over. Killing them.

Lets not lose sight of the fact that this guy was not wrapped too tightly to start with. He saw the probation officer playing with him by making him take time to show for meetings that never happen. Then he gets conditioned to the meetings never happening and becomes a no show. This results in his arrest warrant being issued. A wiser person would realize if he were a no show there would be consequences. Not everyone is all that smart in the USA, one in 31 in the system now. Add in millions of others who were in the system over the years.

Ok so what does Mixon do? He goes and hides in his sister’s apartment. The police find out and decide to use a swat team to attack. They enter and Mixon hiding in a closet kills two more cops. Four dead cops. Was Mixon commando trained or were the cops not so good. The latter, more on this later. If the probation officer treated Mixon like a human would this have happened? No! It is his fault in a sense. He could have called Mixon and asked what was up or gone to visit him. Treat people like animals and animals is what you get.

Richard Pop Poplawski – Here we have a guy who gets into a heated argument with his mom over a dog urinating on a rug. He feared an arrest would ensue over the dispute, which would be categorized as a domestic dispute. If he went to jail on this his gun rights could be revoked. He knew this. The mom phones it in. He feared the government as a bunch of gun grabbers. They are gun grabbers. He snapped. Domestic dispute laws are idiotic and unconstitutional. If a man or woman complains to the courts in most states that they fear for their life or fear harm for themselves and/or children the courts issue an ex-parte restraining order throwing the other party out of the house for ten days or longer with no evidence, proof or hearing. There is no chance to be tried by a jury or accuse your accuser. The police show up and then and there evict you allowing a suitcase to go with you. The other spouse gets a good laugh while you stay in a hotel or with friends.

If this goes into a hearing and the judge finds against you for the purposes of a serious longer term restraining order your gun rights can be revoked as well. This guy knew this. He knew the constitution does not allow for such revocation of gun rights. He put on some body armor and grabbed his AK-47. He managed to kill three police officer, wounded two fairly badly and all while he himself was wounded. Was he trained to do this or did he just outgun the ones that were supposed to be trained. The latter. He had heart, determination and purpose. He also had a fine rifle and armor. Did he do anything really wrong? No. He snapped. He had more than he could take of the government.

Where Are We Headed – This is what homeland security fears. Independent freelancer terrorists they call them. They are people who just can’t take it anymore. You will see more of this, a lot more of this. The law enforcement agencies will take bad losses. Morale will suffer. They will not explain that the officers must be more understanding and softer. They will get them better armor, better equipment and train them more to instill false sense of confidence in law enforcement officers encouraging them to engage these citizens with more vigor and determination. Won’t work.

One day they will approach a car on a traffic stop for an equipment violation. The guy lost his mandatory insurance since he is out of work and no more savings or credit. He does not want to get citations, go to court, lose his license, lose his car, etc. He knows the police have no mercy. He waits for the officers to approach and shoots one with a pistol hidden from sight in the face. Then he goes after the other officer.

The sheriff comes to the house to serve an eviction or foreclosure notice. The occupants have no money, no job, no savings, no police record and kids. The cop is hard nosed. It is his job and he wants his family to not suffer like the family he is going to evict. The citizen does not want to see his family homeless while his tax dollars bail out the banks and big corporations. He thinks Obama is right in that it is time for change. The tenant shoots the sheriff deputies. The law enforcement officer sees a person who defended himself against street criminals and they try to arrest him. He freaks out. He shoots the police.

Law enforcement cannot defend themselves from this sort of person – They are in no movements, no groups, nothing to profile them. If they suspect every out of work person facing foreclosure or eviction they would have 10 million suspects at least. The mainstream media will distort these events in the future so as to not inspire anyone else to partake in such behavior. This will not help.

A Word on the Law Enforcement Officers – They are being duped into serving a police state. They have little idea what is going on for the most part. Some do understand but they like the weekly paycheck and rationalize what they do by saying they are going to be the good cops. They are still partakers in an unconstitutional system turning into a full-blown police state. This is just rationalizations. The small amount of good they can do is greatly offset by serving the unconstitutional government.

Law Enforcement Officers are not motivated like these two guys were. They go to work everyday. In any department there are a very small amount of commando types, most are not even into guns. They hate taking chances. They are used to working with overwhelming odds. The idea is to make it seem like resistance is futile. If there is resistance on the part of well-armed people who are determined the result is dead law enforcement officers. The large amount of officers present usually results in the citizen resisting not being able to make good his escape away from the scene. He kills some of them but does not get away.

Wait until the police go after some guy who spent a few tours in Afghanistan who is well armed. One knowledgeable in ambush tactics. The death toll for law enforcement will be high. What about a few veterans living together. In Miami in the 1980’s there was a bunch of ex vets who decided to rob banks. So for starters these two were not the brightest lights in the harbor. No society can thrive allowing jerk behavior like this to go unchecked. They had excellent guns, lots of them and knew tactics.

Eventually after a number of robberies the FBI profiled them and actually got them on the street in their car. There were numerous FBI agents involved. These two bank robbers killed all but one FBI agent who was wounded. They died in their car shooting it out. The FBI needed an alibi story. They decided to change the handguns they used. They were using .357 revolvers with .38 special +p ammo in a four-inch barrel. Actually a respectable load in competent hands. Some people say the FBI are excellent shots, other say they use a .38 caliber pencil when retrieving their targets at the range. So they went to a 9mm handgun with more rounds for the pray and spray effect. Didn’t work out for them. Then they went to a more potent .40 caliber Glock pistol that is what they use today.

The most potent handgun round used in conventional police guns was the 125 grain .357 semi-jacketed hollow point with the scalloped edge (Remington). This was best used in at least a four-inch barrel gun. The effect of hitting someone with this round was like hitting them with lightning. The problem was it took a good-sized man to shoot it. Smaller people and women would have serious trouble rapid firing this weapon. Anyway the FBI decided to say their guns were anemic. The bureau agents had hit the bank robbers and they did not just die.

People that watch TV will have tendency to behave like a TV character and fall down after being shot. Street thugs and military people who have seen a lot of shootings first hand know this is nonsense and one had better keep on fighting after being hit, and of course they know this is possible even after multiple hits. Of course one will sometimes fall down after being shot no matter what, most of the time this is not the case. These bank robbers knew this and they killed their assailants, which were the FBI even though they were seriously wounded.

When the law enforcement agencies conduct a raid against one or two possibly armed suspects in a house they will usually have at least 15 officers armed to the teeth. They are not interested in shootouts. They want surrender. If the suspect decides to put on armor and engage the police with good weapons he is going to hurt or kill some of them. Then they call for swat assistance, which generally does better, but they get killed too. Imagine four veterans with battle experience with good weapons and armor engaging the police in a raid to confiscate weapons or something.

I expect most of the police would get killed or injured. What if the veterans captured some of the police injured or not and started playing the hostage game as skilled negotiators in a combat zone resorting to brutality to get the heck out of there alive. We are talking about throwing hostage body parts at the police to make them understand the urgency of them complying with the requests of the hostage takers. I think the police will seriously believe the threats of the hostage takers and break all the rule books in submitting and allowing an escape of some sort to save the life and limbs of the other side. They are not going to sit there and watch their fellow officers fingers and toes get thrown at them every minute. They are not going to storm the house knowing the hostages will surely die plus some of them. They are going to wait for help but the hostage takers will immediately remove time as something they can bargain for using hostage dismemberment to get what they want. This is the difference between military experience and police experience.

Again most bank robbers that take hostages resort to Hollywood for ideas as to how they should play it, not the battlefield. You will see things like this very soon. The government is very worried about patriotic veterans returning to see the constitution being tread upon and getting very upset. Veterans refer to this as watering the freedom tree with blood. There are a lot of rumors that the military is registering all the privately owned weapons of their military and in some cases asking them to store the guns on the base under the control of the base commander. Bad sign.

-Aurelia Masterson, www.panamalaw.org

Aurelia Masterson is an associate of Panama Legal law firm (http://www.panamalaw.org). She has years of experience in the field and now shares her observations of current events, politics, and law with the Internet community. She can be contacted at: aurelia@panamalaw.org.