What does Jack The Ripper [3/4] The “Phantom” Of Death have in common with Osama Bin Laden?

Why are Jack the Ripper’s records still sealed by Scottland Yard since 1888? Scotland Yard fights to keep Jack the Ripper files secret – TelegraphMay 15, 2011 … A woodcut of one of Jack the Ripper’s victims. Scotland Yard is … have been kept under lock and key since the Whitechapel murders in 1888. … www.telegraph.co.uk/…/Scotland-Yard-fights-to-keep-Jack-the-Ripper-files-secret.html – A Secret Country: Jack the ripper files remain sealedJack the ripper files remain sealed. Why is Scotland Yard fighting the release of 123 … is primarily after four ledgers which have been sealed since 1888. … www.asecretcountry.com/…/why-is-scotland-yard-fighting-release.html The three Apprentices are named Jubela, Jubelo and. Jubelum -known collectively as the Juwes. In the story of Hiram Abiff. According to the tradition, the three Juwes had all manner of insidious tortures In the Masonic legend, the three ruffians are brothers from the city of Tyre, which makes them Phoenicians, not Jews. This also applies to the Master Hiram, who, although his mother was an Israelite, had a Phoenician father, and was likewise not considered Jewish, having been brought up in Phoenician culture and religion. The term “Israelite” is used in Masonic ritual instead. As to the nature of the Ripper and the Vesica Piscis. The phantom crazed sadist would position his victims at due North, South, East, and West. The fifth victim seems to have been used as the starting point for the creation of the