We don’t know the truth about Japan’s nuclear disaster

www.infowars.com In a special video, Alex Jones addresses the tendency of governments to lie, with focus on Japan’s nuclear meltdown crisis. From the onset of Japan’s post-earthquake disaster, it’s officials have been downplaying the risks and keeping its population, and the peoples of the world, in the dark about the true scale of dangers. Now, with the explosion of a third reactor, other reactors in jeopardy, and a total chain reaction threatening to unfold, it is obvious that reassurances were issued only to keep create a more positive public image. Governments once again told us that everything was okay, only to later yield to worse and worse news proving that peril was in the air all along. Significant parts of Japan of devastated in war-like destruction, even as greater disaster is unfolding. Meanwhile, the West Coast of the United States and Canada are in the path of the jet stream coming from Japan, and vulnerability to radiation fallout remains a possibility, though this too has been denied before it was admitted. This latest nuclear crisis only proves once again that cover up and deceit is the norm for governments around the world. Japan, the United States and most governments have a long history of this behavior. Similarly, the American public has been told the economic front is brightening, while billionaires, hedge fund managers and governments around the world eye the dollar’s demise as the world’s reserve currency (and adjust accordingly). Pimco’s largest