Was the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. in Philadelphia justified?

No. He was black and therefore there is no justification for the police to have shot him.

Make posters. Hold vigils. Add him to the pantheon. He’s another innocent victim of racist police who like to kill good black men for sport.

But in all seriousness…

What will it take for black Americans to start looking in the mirror and heal themselves? How long will you blame other people for your own moral failings and the bitter fruits of them?

And don’t cry “racist”; I’m a black American. Too many black Americans simply refuse to hear the truth, regardless of whether it comes from another black person or from someone of a different race. So they will continue repeating their own self-destructive and destructive behavioral patterns and remain enslaved to debilitating mentalities.

People who actually care about you tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. The anger comes from genuine love.

Americans, is this kind of behavior acceptable to you?

If black folks put as much energy into reforming themselves and their own communities as they do into protesting the “racist system”, tearing things down and committing acts of violence, they’d be a lot better off, as would America. They are their own worst enemy and have made themselves the enemies of society by believing that society hates them just because they’re black. They’re at war with America for no reason and Americans like myself are sick of it.

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