Warren Buffett comments on the liberals betting against America. Shameful.

Those who bet against America, that is the focus of Tonight’s “Angle.”

We know who they are here at They short the market. They short the dollar, and when Things look unfavorable and the Situation gets a little rocky at Home, they look for the exit. Maybe they move their money or Businesses offshore because they Think america has seen her best Day. About truly smart people, Including smart democrats, know That betting against america has Always been a losing Proposition, even during our Darkest hour. The civil war, the Great depression.

At a recent brookshire meeting, Warren buffett who is no fan of Donald trump discussed america’s Past and future trial. You have this testing period And people really, they have Lost faith to some degree. They just didn’t see the Potential of what america could Do. And nothing to stop america when You get right down to it. And the great depression and it May be tested now to some Degree. But in the end, the answers Never bet against america. It shouldn’t Surprise you, any of you, that Warren buffett is a hell of a Lot smarter than left-wing Economists who have been Predicting doomsday scenarios For the u.S. Economy sense Covid. Well, today the dow jones jumped 500 points almost closing about 20,000. Consumer confidence across the Board are seeing — and in Texas, georgia, south carolina, Utah, florida, alabama, Mississippi, all ran by pretty Conservative governors, well you See life is finally getting back To normal. Even california’s lockdown gavin Newsom is under pressure from Lawsuits, business owners and People in the faith community, And he has had to ease up also. Los angeles county officials Initially suggested the lockdown Can last through the summer.

But after massive backlash Across the board, l.A. County is Aiming to reopen on july 4th. And churches are opening at 25% Capacity starting tomorrow. And as for those governors who Want to just accept yes for an Answer, don’t believe for a Second pair fraudulent Justification that it’s all for Your own safety. You know, they always say that When they are taking away your Constitutional rights. But it is becoming more obvious By the day that these Power-hungry governors and Radical mayors are endangering The state’s future and will Eventually see the states left Behind. Now, isn’t it enough Andrew cuomo created death traps In new york’s elderly Facilities? But now his slow roll to reopen Is doing untold damage to his State going forward. “The washington post” wrote this Piece over the weekend.

They ran it how the covid shut Down has been the straw that Broke the camel’s back for New york. More residents now are reporting Being so fed up with life in the Big apple that they are Relocating to places where they Can actually have a decent Standard of living. And cuomo wants taxpayers in Florida and texas beyond to bail Him out? None of these lockdown liberals Should get a penny more in Bailout money so long as we Continue this lockdown stuff Because the longer they stayed Lockdown and you have all these Other onerous and unnecessary Restrictions in place, the more Difficult, the more expensive And I would say the more Dangerous it becomes for their State the longer in a recovery Be. Given that we know the virus is A lot less deadly than we Thought and its most dangerous To the combined elderly? There is no good reason to keep Any part of the country Completely closed. Unless that is, you don’t want America to recover at least 12 Trump’s president. An article in politico you may Have heard it, it reported Democrats are privately freaking Out, yes, you heard that right.

That the american economy will Be in massive recovery in the Fall. Check this out. My big worry said former obama White house official who is so Close to the former president Asked about the level of concern Among top party officials. He said it is high, high, high, Hide. Now how do you describe this Except to say that democrats see Their only serious path to Victory hinging on your despair? Deep down, it seems like they Are rooting against life getting Better for american families. They are rooting for americans To remain unemployed? Can you believe that from anyone Or for schools to stay closed? Well, not long after we flatten The curve they issued these grim Warnings of a second wave, a Third wave that can come next Month and come in september. It could be worse, I mean, or The super-spreader phenomenon You have to have 18 feet social Distancing or 30 feet or feet Spread 40 feet. Every minute of every day you Have to push the panic button to Scare you back in your home. They shame people who don’t bow Down to their new rules.

But in the end, most of these People seeking to control your Behavior don’t apply the rules To themselves. They never do, do they. We will share the biggest Offenders with you in a moment. Now what worries these Hypocrites is not the dire Situation they created in their Own states, they are worried About the possibility of your Safe, economic recovery. Trump could be poised to benefit From the dramatic numbers Produced during the partial Rebound phase that will coincide With the four months before November. That has many democrats spooked. Now, let that sink in for a Moment. Where you and I are spooked About the idea of living like Mass zombies waiting for Government chipped the mic Checks for the foreseeable Future.

The democrats are spooked by the Idea — that in march, biden’s Campaign, pelosi and the whole Gang betting that the virus Would cripple the economy right Through the election. The only way that that happens Now though is if enough blue State governors make life Unlivable for the 99.99% of Americans who survived the Virus. That is a pathetic antiscience Sicko campaign strategy. But let them make that bet.

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