village idiot missing? Check

Just some things I am working on for my upcoming video about all the BS that is ATS the acronym for, “assholes talkin shit” and thats about it. From the activist homosexuals that will label you for hatred and bigotry just for disagreeing with them, to the obamanoids that will do the same thing. They will get away with more ridicule, more ad-hominem personal attacks while the moderators ignore your requests to moderate, and if youre conservative, chances are youll be the one they censor. Some may find it curious I am devoting so much time to disparage ATS, make no mistake, it is no match to the MISSION ATS has to disparage religion, republicans, creationists, the Bible, 2012 people, and for a place that got its start as a website to discuss UFOs you would never know it today as they do all they can to stifle those who claim to have seen them. Having to deny ignorance will be a full time job on ATS as you are mocked, made fun of, antagonized and the moment you have had enough and give the provocateur a piece of your mind, WHAM! Youre POST BANNED! In the meantime, foulmouthed vulgar vagrants of ATSs Bait em, Bash em, and Ban em, team, many of whom are moderators on a proxy member name, will instigate the anger in those members they deem disruptive using some of the most torturously construed alibis ever witnessed. I intend to give the place a lot of attention including some moderators I have had the pleasure of knowing. The video will be focused on the worst moderators there