VCU Police Attack Free Speech

My blog on the incident: Today I was leaving downtown Richmond, I saw a police officer out of his vehicle. While I was talking to a friend on the phone, I put the phone down, grabbed my megaphone and as I drove by him said, “Stop harassing people – we pay your paychecks.” He apparently jumped in his car and proceeded to pull me over…. This video is the result of my Freedom of Speech. Police do NOT have special rights, and I nor most people I know, have not given any consent to have special authority over them. I own myself, and govern mySELF. It’s time more people stand UP for THEIR *Individual* rights. I encourage you to ALWAYS have a camera on you. THAT is your first line of defense against the police. Learn your rights and KNOW THEM! Check out a GREAT website that helps hold police accountable at AND FlexYourRights.COM



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