Useful Tips on Using a Wireless Nanny Cam

Children are every parent’s greatest possession and it is natural for a concerned mother or father to take certain measures in order to ensure their kids’ safety and security. If you have a newly employed nanny at home, you can use a wireless nanny cam to personally monitor and assess her performance for yourself.

Most hardware and electronic stores sell various models for wireless nanny cams, but you can also shop for them online.

Choose a multi-purpose wireless nanny cam.
It’s best not to let your nanny know that their every move is being recorded and scrutinized. For this reason, you want your wireless nanny cam to be hidden. Some models double as air fresheners, others can be hidden within potted plants, while others can be placed inside stuffed teddy bears. In choosing a multi-purpose wireless nanny cam, you need to look for something that would fit right in the room, one that won’t invite unwanted second glances.

Determine the ideal place for your wireless nanny cam.
Superb features of your wireless nanny cam won’t do you any good if you haven’t picked out the best location for them. You need to install them in a place where they’re not only hidden but they’re also provided with the best angle of the room. In most cases, this means installing them at an elevated area, preferably in a corner, as this will afford them an almost-360 degree view of the entire room.

Consider power options.
Wireless nanny cams are generally battery-powered. This is good because it means your camera will be able to continue recording footage even when the power’s temporarily out. You have to make sure, however, that you replace or recharge your batteries regularly to avoid poor quality videos or missing footages.

Practice makes perfect.
Try it out for yourself before using it to monitor your nanny’s performance. Have it installed then invite someone over and see if they realize they’re being recorded. Recording a video of yourself will allow you to determine the suitability of the location you’ve picked out for your wireless nanny cam’s installation and make any other necessary modifications or adjustments.

Be aware of the consequences.
There are certain situations where the use of wireless nanny cams may be legally prohibited. To avoid legal complications over its use, be sure to consult your lawyer regarding your intentions prior to having it installed and recording footages.


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