US Police Protect Dirty Cops, Wage War on Cameras!

We’re in serious trouble when these issues have to be exposed by Russia Today! The police state is fundamentally evil in many ways, but none is more evil than the double standard when it comes to the application of law. We are forced to accept the notion that we have no right to privacy (ie. no freedom from state surveillance) while in public. Should law enforcement not be subject to the same laws? A citizen who catches police officers committing crime on video should be considered a community hero! US media is fundamentally compromised in the way they cover police abuse of authority. They take the word of law enforcement “officials” without question, often reading a press release and reporting on it verbatim! Local media counts on a cordial relationship with law enforcement- it makes their job easier than actually taking the time and energy to investigate a claim of police brutality, official corruption, or violation of civil rights. The camera is the primary weapon against the state’s abuse of power! Catching officers in the act is not illegal, but guilty department’s will still violate your rights! The only way to stop this is to demand it in your communities! Talk to your local police chief, or your county Sherrif, and find out their policy on the record! This is an excellent means of finding out if they serve the best interest of the citizens, or if they are power mad sadists.These video clips may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for