US Backs Libyan Al-Qaeda While Hyping Terror Attacks Inside America – Alex Jones Tv 1/6

Alex talks about the United Nations bombardment and invasion of Libya on today’s Sunday edition. He also covers other important news and takes your calls. Hypocrisy run rampant: Obama administration fearmongers about Libyan-backed terrorists carrying out reprisal attacks in America while launching air strikes to support terrorists in Libya Paul Joseph Watson Sunday, March 20, 2011 Achieving new heights of hypocrisy, the US government is hyping the threat of Libyan-backed reprisal terror attacks inside the United States, while launching air strikes in support of so-called “protesters” who have commandeered fighter jets and tanks, and are in fact Islamic fundamentalist Al-Qaeda cells who want to impose sharia law in Libya. The New York Times reports that Libya may “lash out” against the Orwellian “no fly zone,” which in reality represents constant bombardment, by sending terrorists to carry out attacks against US interests. “Asked if American officials feared whether Colonel Qaddafi could open a new terrorism front, President Obama’s top counterterrorism official John O. Brennan said: “Qaddafi has the penchant to do things of a very concerning nature. We have to anticipate and be prepared for things he might try to do to flout the will of the international community.” “Al Qaeda has a demonstrated track record of trying to exploit political vacuums, political change or uncertainty in a number of