Update #4 -April 2009- Vancouver Police Corruption & Brutality Part 1

Part 1 of 3. James – Crawford III of the family Craig gives us possibly his final updates about his first hand court experience at BC Provincial Court. This time, up to 25 Vancouver Police officers were waiting in his condo for him, with NO WARRANT, and NO evidence with which to charge James of any crime whatsoever. What happens when you do not give your legal name? How are you treated as a human being? Do police really think they can “do whatever they want” and simply manufacture charges against you out of thin air? James speaks about his court experiences, updating what happened after the first 3 video series from November and December 2008, and February 2009.. This video details up to April 2009. James stood on his rights and HE WON! The charges were stayed and the case was dismissed… The judge even said they were engaged in a “Predatory Prosection” against James, whom they recognized as a Sovereign! James won against the corrupt courts, but was then deported to the USA without paperwork, processing or questions. These 3 parts were filmed on the April 18th weekend in Bellingham, WA, where we caught up with James just after his deportation. For more on Police, Politics and Corruption, check out Hijacking Humanity – hijackinghumanity.com