Merlin Emmanuel – Nephew of Smiley Culture (David Emmanuel) – speaking at the protest against deaths in police custody at New Scotland Yard on Saturday 16th April 2011 Info from blkmoet27’s tribute to Smiley: David Emmanuel, the British rap star Smiley Culture, died from a single stab wound through his heart, according to a postmortem examination. The 48-year-old singer died during a Metropolitan police raid at his house. His family have been told he stabbed himself while making a cup of tea. Emmanuel’s family say the postmortem has strengthened their resolve to uncover the truth behind the “most bizarre of circumstances”. They say they will employ an independent pathologist to verify the cause of death. “As a family, we are in a state of deep sorrow and anger,” said David Emmanuel, the musician’s nephew, at a packed public meeting in Brixton, south London. “My uncle was a father, an uncle, a friend and a mentor to many and is a British icon who died under the most peculiar of circumstances. “This is not a race issue, although there are suspicions that ethnicity has some relevance in this tragic event. This is a time when the whole British public will stand up to let the police and government know that we will no longer allow any citizen to die in the most bizarre of circumstances. Instead, we will seek the truth, doggedly, until that truth has been exposed.” Emmanuel was stabbed shortly before 8.30am on Tuesday, an hour and a half after four Metropolitan