UFO over The River Ponte di Giulio Italy Original

This old Film Footage It had been showing for 3 years and It was given to Us Italian Researchers… not By the Air force. It is our Technology. In the videoclip you’re watching is the best version of the infamous video yet available on the internet. That’s probably because is showing the original video that Chiumento received directly from the anonymous source. You can see clearly that the flying saucer is fake, as it clearly stands out against the background many times. As it was made three or four years ago, the CGI is not near as good as the Haitian/Dominican videos — in which, we must note, the UFOs blended well with the scenery because everything was CGI.. Here you will find the two video clips, the first one is the the copy and bellow is the Original… forgetomori.com This all takes place in the Veneto region of Italy at a place called Ponte di Giulio. Near Aviano NATO Base. It is a dry river bed where the military does maneuvers and the photographer was on a tripod waiting for the object to come out of the woods. Here’s another two link…. www.ufofu.org And the last one….. www.abovetopsecret.com