Tyranny Response Team Exposes the DC POLICE STATE: Supreme Court

The Police State is Here! Members of the South New Jersey Tyranny Response Team recently took a trip to Washington DC. It was a simple trip planned just to take a look at the monuments and museums. No protests were scheduled, nor had any new or notable threats been issued during the time we were there. Despite this we were met with an amazingly large and intimidating police state. Police were literally standing on every corner in many areas of the city. We noted police from at least 5 different law enforcement agencies. At no time did we feel comfortable, but not because of the criminals, because of those that were supposedly there to protect us. Cameras were hidden or concealed at every location imaginable, sirens could be heard throughout most of the trip and police with assault rifles glared at us from atop the capitol building. Our capitol should represent and be a demonstration of liberty and freedom. It should be a representation of all of America. Sadly, it is… America has become a police state. In Part 2 we went to try and see the Supreme Court along with many other innocent, civil, citizens, most of whom were children on school trips.