Tomah Police corruption video (please help)

Has this video been edited? You decide and comment please! When i asked Chief of police Wesley D. Revels for an unedited version of this video i was told: The information provided to you has not in any way, been “edited”. We have no control over our equipment when and/or if it malfunctions or provides information in a manner which may not appear to be continuous. As you saw, the video supports Lieutenant Nicholson’s account of what occurred in the interview room during the contact with you and your wife. Chief Revels went on to say: I will not allow you to accuse department personnel of wrongdoings or deliberate acts of criminal conduct that was completely baseless. I would encourage you to keep this in mind in the event you feel the need to contact our agency again. Has this video been edited? You decide and comment please! I believe that the video may have been edited in an attempt to cover up the criminal conduct of Lt. Mark Nicholson. Edited to fit his account of what happen in the Family Conference Room that day. The only parts the cameras at our new police department fails are during the parts in which Lt. Nicholson exhibits the questionable, unreasonable, unprofessional and disorderly behavior. What exactly is meant by this? Comment please!