To FOX News: NWO & Catholic Doctrines are against the 1st and 2nd Amendments!

Samual Adam’s in his work “Rights of the Colonist” stated that the only Religion that should not be allowed in the new colonies was the Roman Catholic Church because of their doctrine of “Church within the State” that led to murders by inquestitions and the destruction of lives, the murder of rulers and the suppression of God given freedoms. You have most Democrats that are Catholic led by Nancy Pelosi, and on the Republican side you got the main ones who fake a good fight: John McCain, John Boehner Michael (Dead Pan) Steele and for God’s sake you got Newt Gengrich who has come out saying that now hes a Catholic! Is that political or what? And we are supposed to believe that things will get better? They are all heading in the same directions. It is media play the good cop bad cop deception upon America to bring this Nation under the NWO centered in Rome. Shawn Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Bill O’Reilly are Irish and Catholic. Well I am a Irish Protestant and can see right thru their deception. Glenn Beck is Morman and is along for the ride, and Mark Levin is Jewish and he puts his trust in Rome (some things have not changed for 2000 years). Fox News does not report on Global subversion by the NWO because it would indite the Roman Church who they work for. That is the only reason they even exist in the media today.