Thousands of Native Americans being kicked out of tribes across the US

Thousands of Native American Indians are illegaly being kicked off reservations and kicked out of tribes all over the US!

Dis enrolled, Dis enfranchised, Exiled, whatever you want to call it, it’s happening to thousands of Indians across America.  Apparently what the whites FAILED to do, money, or at least the love of it, is now accomplishing.


Thousands of Native Americans are being kicked out of their tribes.  Many of these outcast Indians have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt through genealogy, historical documents and deeds and other documents that they are members of their tribe but all to no avail.  These Indians without a tribe and without land are being kicked off of the reservations, kicked out of the schools, exiled and ostracized.

In some cases, the tribal councils own efforts to prove they are not of direct lineal decent have proven that the subjects ARE of enough blood to be a member, sometimes even more blood than the accusers.

What would cause entire families of Indians to be uprooted from their homes where they have lived their entire lives, some who even built the homes they lived in, to suddenly be kicked out?  What would cause tribes all over the country to start kicking thousands of it’s own members out into the street with no recourse for appeal or even a trial of any type?  according to the tribes, [it’s] “Citizenship decisions are an integral and important process the tribe uses to  preserve our lineage”   Critics say that it is all about money.  It’s simple math; The more Indians are kicked out, the greater casino allowance for the remaining tribal members.

One has only to look at Mark Macarro and the Pechanga conflict or Stanley Crooks and the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux to see clearly the amount of favoritism, injustice and Tribal Corruption that is running rampant all across the United States, or at least wherever there are casinos involved.

Members of some tribes make 30+ thousand dollars per month per person.  Yes, that means a family of 8 would make $240,000 per month.  But apparently that’s just not enough, they have to make more and more and more so they start dropping the families with the least amount of pull, with the least say in affairs.

Many people might be thinking, “what has this got to do with me?”  Well, many of the Indians who were kicked out of the tribe are on government assistance plans, so YOUR taxes are paying for the food, shelter, education, medical, etc of Indians whose tribes make HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS per year!

Reservations are for the benefited of the members of the tribes, well, funny things is the smaller the tribe, the more beneficial it is to a very small few.

PS. If you watch the video, pay attention right at the 5 minute 40 (5:40) section, you will hear that even when the tribe hired a specialist to prove one family should be kicked out, they chose not to go with his findings… wow, what a bunch of bastards.


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