The Lawless Town (Cn) – DAP’s Political Ads Series-1

『罪案之城』— 民主行动党第12届全国大选宣传短片系列-1 In conjunction with the E-Campaign of the DAP in coming general election. We would like to launch our 1st video clip series—The Lawless Town. This Video shows that how Malaysians are being threatened by the rampant crime and BN’s incapability in providing Malaysians a safe place. We urge Malaysians to support our triple solution to combat crime: 1. To improve our economy to increase earnings and reduce the income disparity between rich and poor; 2. Reform and restructure the police to put 100000 more policemen to patrol our streets; 3. Establish the IPCMC to check police corruption and abuse of power. Brought to you by Democratic Action Party, Malaysia.



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