The Alex Jones Show June 16 2011 – What is the Al-Qaeda Hit List? (Part 1)

Today Alex talks about reports sent by members of the military to regarding an October ground invasion of Libya. Alex also covers the latest on the unfolding situation in Greece as the people resist and protest against banker imposed austerity. He also talks about the al-Qaeda hit list and other important news. Alex welcomes back to the show Catherine Austin Fitts, president of Solari, Inc., the publisher of The Solari Report, and the former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing at the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration. He talks with film-maker, broadcaster and former broker and options trader Max Keiser as well. ___________________________________________________ http ___________________________________________________ Alex jones authorizes the use and distribution of his materials for non-profit, educational purposes. Keywords What is the Al-Qaeda Hit List? hitlist The Alex Jones Show “Alex Jones” Infowars Prison Planet “Prison Planet” PrisonPlanet “June 16” “6 16” 2011 thursday Greece revolution Illuminati Conspiracy global government globalism Max Keiser Catherine Fitts Libya invasion “police state” death to the new world order “no world order” international forecaster bob chapman security information they don’t want you to know truth bush obama endgame the takeover NWO sucks “solari report” part 1 i