Task Force Argos: Thanks for destroying a mans life, health and my reputation over nothing

You really have to wonder what the fuck is going on, they destroy my life, my health and my reputation over a video I did not make, just file shared as a common interest story, its on 40 other sites, they cant even catch the real offenders FFS. Tax payers $$$’s down the drain, what a class act. I’ll have my day even if it gets to the Supreme Court. “I AM GUILTY OF NOTHING” except police incompetence. They wanted a pedophile and fucked up. The date for the trial by Jury could take months, maybe even into the New Year. Task Force Argos can not handle the load they have with the international attention to the Biggles9 crap for downloading a Russian Circus training video with no child abuse material and lost some real criminals (maybe, with their history of incompetence and arrogance, these might be Grandmothers that got caught with their Grandchildren in an old wood rocking chair without the proper government rating and shared the video with family online). Perhaps Argos should actually concentrate on crime?