Stuttgart 21 Police brutality against school children. 09-30-2010. S21-Gegner. Schülerdemo

They are using water cannons, tonfas and pepper spray. Weiteres zu dem besonders aggresiv vorgehenden Polizisten unter folgendem (in den Kommentaren leider als Spam gekennzeichneten) Link (More Infos about the aggressive police man on the following blog in german language): Trying a translation of what can be heard: P 0:13 Leave! P 0:15 Don’t touch me! D 0:26 – 0:33 We are peaceful! How about you? D 0:44 – 1:24 Feel ashamed! Feel ashamed! …. D 0:55 Damn pigs! D 1:39 – 1:48 Stop it! Stop it! … Feel ashamed! … D 3:06 You did an admirable work! (ironic/sarcastic)