STS-48 – the smoking gun evidence of UFO’s. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION FIRST.

There are three strange happenings in this video that prove there are intelligently controlled craft in this video. 1) go to 0:21, this is where the action starts 2) look where the beam originates. RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE IT ORIGINATES THERE IS A WHITE DOT. RIGHT WHEN THE BEAM FIRES, IT RANDOMLY STARTS MOVING. 3)Right when the beam fires, the craft towards the top MAKES AN ABRUPT 135 DEGREE TURN. Ice crystals cannot do that. People, we have been being lied to for over 50 years about UFO’s and the extraterrestrial presence. TO DISCUSS TOPICS LIKE THESE, THERE IS A FORUM CALLED this website is used to discuss all “alternative topics” such as ufo’s. It is a VERY active forum with lots of users. More people need to know about this information