Steffey To Area

Heres another video of Hope Steffey being taken to a different area. Again the video seems to run for a bit and then seems to stop, even as the timer keeps running. And of course Steffey is AGAIN in cuffs. The cops claims that she was “physically abusive” are again shown for the lies that they are.Also thanks to Kristin Fenstemaker, Laura Rodgers, Tony Gayles, Richard T. Gurlea Jr., Andrea Mays and Brian Michaels for making ALL LEO’s look bad and putting them at more risk. And lets not forget medical staff, Coren Lennon and the jail psychologist Thomas Anuszkiewicz, although I have contacted the Sheriff’s Dept and they can not produce ANY evidence that the jail psychologist Thomas Anuszkiewicz was ever contacted like they claim. Support Hope Steffey and demand justice: Governor Strickland (614) 466-3555, Fax: (614) 466-9354 Senator Voinovich (800) 205-6446, Fax: (216) 522-7097 Senator Brown (202) 224-2315, Fax: (202) 228-6321 Congressman Boccieri (330) 489-4414, Fax: (330) 489-4448 US Attorney General Holder, (202) 353-1555 Ohio Attorney General Cordray, (877) 244-6446 Stark County Sheriff, (330) 430-3800, Link to a news story about Stark County More proof that their policies seem to be responsible for inmate deaths.



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