Speaking out -Vancouver Police Corruption & Brutality Part 3

Part 3 of 3 – Filmed November 2008 James – Crawford III of the family Craig speaks out about his first hand treatment by the Vancouver Police Department. A tale of Police Corruption and Brutality, it appears they make up the law as they go along, and then retroactively charge a person, to cover their own asses. What happens when you do not give your legal name? How are you treated as a human being? Do police really think they can “do whatever they want”? James also relays the story of how the VPD tried to get him to entrap Robert-Arthur:Menard of ThinkFree by offering him money, and to drop all charges… “We can make this all go away James, or it can all get a LOT worse… Just go under surveillance and get us Menard..” More to come as the story is updated… For more on Police, Politics and Corruption, check out Hijacking Humanity – hijackinghumanity.com http www.winstonshroutsolutionsincommerce.com