Spain – Riot Police Beat Random People – We Must Unite!

Spain – Riot Police Beat Random People – We Must Unite! One Person wrote… With this communication we want to show how the Spanish police treated us and that the people knows which is the attitude of those people, blinded by power. We want to write these lines to express how we feel about what happened. We are very different kinds of people: some of us describe ourselves as Anarchists, others as Altermundists, Feminists, Ecologists, people that support a real democracy, etc. But we all lived and suffered in our flesh the disproportionate and unjust police abuse. Beginning with the fact that not all of us were in the demonstration and that those who were may defend different forms of political action, we all share a common feeling: the discontent with the current situation of our lives (the difficulty to find a job or the precarious conditions, not to be able to achieve our dreams because of the economical inequality and because of all this education based on consume and consume, repressed for our political ideas or because of wanting to be different to our surroundings). We find ourselves before a panorama without hope and without a future that incites us to live quietly and allow each of us to do what we like to do. That is why most of us went to the demonstration of May 15 in order to attempt to change this system for something more just and egalitarian. But which was our experience? REPRESSION by the security forces of the state. It was something shameful to watch how