Soldier from WikiLeaks Video: ‘Iraq Troops Just Going to Be Sent to Afghanistan’

“I started screaming out, ‘the boy’s alive, the boy’s alive.’ And I picked him up and cradled him and started running towards the Bradley. At this time, he looked up at me and his eyes rolled back into his head again. I just kept telling him, ‘don’t die, don’t die, I have you.’ … I’ve watched the death of too many civilians — women and children — getting killed for doing nothing more than stepping out of their house. … Pulling troops from Iraq — they’re just going to be sent to Afghanistan.” — Ethan McCord, former member of Bravo Company 2-16, the ground troops involved in the now infamous “Collateral murder” video released by Wikileaks in April of this year Watch the full video here: And leak more videos like it here: And read the news it generates here: