Secret Federal Reserve Location Revealed | Just released today, the SECRET LOCATION of a New Federal Reserve Property. In a densely wooded area in Richmond Virgina lies the heavily guarded office building. According to a report, “Information about the function and location of the property are classified by the Federal Reserve System, and employees are prohibited from discussing the site with anyone outside the organization.” The facility is known as the Federal Reserve West Creek Operations Center. So why the veil of secrecy? The report, issued by the government transparency advocates at states, “There is no reference to the Federal Reserve on the property. At the entrance is a black sign with white letters that reads “West Creek Operations Center.” Security gates, hydraulic vehicle barriers, and guards with loaded weapons control access to the parking lot. A meticulously maintained and patrolled perimeter fence encloses the property.” The 200000 square foot facility, located 12560 West Creek Parkway in Richmond was purchased by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond in 2004 from the Heilig-Meyers Furniture Co. At this classified location is where the Federal Reserve Information Technology employees are housed. One can only assume with all the hacking of government facilities this would be a prime target for groups like antisec and anonymous. Add this location to your list of Federal Reserve locations next time you decide to plan a rally for sound money.