Seattle Police Officer Shoots and Murders Indian Wood Carver John T Williams Police Video

Update: Knife was closed! Read more here: Seattle police officer shot and killed John T. Williams, a Native Indian who was well known in the community as a wood carver. The in-car video camera from the officer’s car shows Williams crossing the street in the crosswalk. He held a piece of wood and a 3-inch carving knife in his hand. The officer stopped his car, got out and according to his statement: called out multiple times. It is unclear if Williams heard the officer since he was deaf in one ear, partially deaf in the other and wearing a headset. So far, no evidence has come to light of any aggressive or threatening act by Williams towards the officer or anyone else. According to the autopsy report Williams was not facing the officer when he was shot 4 times. It has been reported that the Seattle Police Department Firearms Review Board made a preliminary finding that the shooting was not justified and the officer’s badge and gun have been surrendered. An inquest is scheduled but the prosecutor may file charges now. In an open letter from the ACLU to Mayor McGinn, Chief of Police John Diaz and the Seattle City Councilmembers, it is noted that “Too often, officers have overreacted or escalated incidents when the subject is an individual of color, disabled, homeless or, otherwise ‘different’.” Police videos police brutality police brutality Police videos police corruption shootout murder chase fight police sex abuse cops police search