RCMP RAID RICK SIMPSON’S HOME – November 25, 2009 – (CLIP 1)

WE NEED YOU TO HELP US MAKE THIS VIRAL! SEND IT TO EVERYONE! WE DID IT BEFORE WE CAN DO IT AGAIN! THIS STORY MUST BE TOLD! Rick Simpson’s house was raided again for the third time, November 25, 2009 by RCMP and several unidentified police who refused to show a warrant or produce their business cards when asked by Mike Simpson, Rick Simpson’s son and caretaker of his father’s land. Shortly after the raid, when no detachments would take direct responsibility, we uploaded a clip of the actual raid showing the officers breaking the doors, and entering the house with duffle bags. After 6 days and over 6000 views – YouTube removed this same video – calling it “Inappropriate Content”. (Where would Rodney King’s justice be without the video that showcased his brutal beating by LAPD officers? Officers like these ones who will do whatever they please and never answer for it.) A Halifax, Nova Scotia newspaper called THE CHRONICLE HERALD printed a news story in the December 16th issue. In it, the Herald reported that… – Unbeknownst to police officers who took part in the raid, there was a video device taping the raid from inside the home. When the tape showed up on YouTube and Mr. Simpson’s website, Sgt. Leger said officers took notice. “We were just recently made aware of the tape and it’s under review,” she said. “Officer safety is important to us,” she said. “The tape is being reviewed to ensure that the safety of the officers has not been put in jeopardy because they have been