RCMP Abuse Outside Sharks Club Langley, BC Bar. March 14, 2010

More RCMP abuse. The video starts shooting a couple seconds after the initial incident. My friend was having a beer outside a local bar in Langley, BC, where an officer asked him to pour it out. She then proceeded to smack him with the beer in which she later states @ 0:10 by saying , ” I smacked you with a beer can thats why you have beer on you.” After she finishes writing him a ticket, my friend says that he is going to dispute it, she tells him to watch his language or hes going to jail and then smacks him in the face 3 more times @ 0:24. He is clearly reading his ticket and showing no signs of aggression. The officers repeatedly refused to give there card or badge numbers out. It’s shot from a blackberry apologies for the bad quality.